Sunday, August 29, 2010

What an Amazing Family

I have got to be the luckiest Mom, G'ma & Gi Gi in the whole Universe.

Jeffrey R. Hasara - Funeral memorial

Jeffrey R. Hasara funeral "In Loving Memory." Moon Lake, where Jeff has many fond family memories, is the memorial program's background. In June Jeffrey was so sick, but insisted on joining his extended family & cousins at Moon Lake. Inspired by his incredible love for others & courage; the pallbearers were his closest friends, cousins, & a brother. All have all been deeply touched & strengthened by Jeff's wonderful example. Pallbearers, family & close friends placed miniature surf & long boards, roses, and flower leis atop the casket. We Love you Jeff!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cock fight on the Way to Pay my Electric Bill

At 7 am I was driving around the pond to drop my electric bill off at the city offices-still in my pj's of course. I came around the bend and two drop-dead gorgeous Cock peasants were fighting in the middle of the road, blocking my way. I had to honk twice before they would move. On the way home they were still at it, only had moved to the side of the pond. I dashed home to get my camera (per my children's requests to blog update more frequently). When I returned I jumped out of my car -- still in my pajamas-- and disappointed all could see were their footprints in the snow-- so I took a picture of my cute car and their footprints. Driving a bit further I found the winning Cock-strutting his stuff- and began to sneak up on him in my pj's(in the Christiansen's hedge) to get a couple good shots. Which I got!!! just as a nice lady came around the corner walking her cute dog... I am sure I looked like a crazy woman-in pj's-, sneaking around in her neighbors shrubs. Chagrined- I quickly told her I was taking a picture of a beautiful cock pheasant to put on my blog for my kids and asked her to please take a picture of me....I guess she believed me and took the picture. Love to all from your crazy pheasant chasing Mom :D

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sheldon, Family & the Twins

I think Chelsi is perfecting the skills for later application

Grandpa with his newest additions

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning Thoughts from Dad

Many thoughts have rattled around this morning as Mom and I got up about 7 am and sat around the Christmas Tree. I thought about a very real and wonderful night 2000 + yrs ago. Just because the birth of our Lord and Savior happened so long ago, that doesn't make it any less real! But Satan desperately wants to cloud the reality of that sacred night in the minds and hearts of me, and my children and grandchildren. Our Savior wants us to give and receive presents and to enjoy the Christmas season, but let us take time to do as our prophet counseled us and celebrate the "Season of Christ".

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In the Eyes of a Child

All three: blessed dinner, Jesus & Santa; had to sit together in G'pa's chair for the Christmas movie; said the clouds were shining and beautiful & the sunshine made them "happy." There are only two bar stools, so Avyrlie jumped off and told Jordi she could get on hers; the olipitical trainer only holds two so Zoey got off to let Avyrlie on and all three put the pennies in G'pa's pink pig-together. What a beautiful World.

G-G and the Girls

Today I had 3 of my favorite sidekicks with me. Starting a 10am we met G'pa at McDonalds for breakfast, then the Toys Store (crazy on Dec. 23rd), then the Playland playground and home to feed Scottie a bone and play with G_G's new toys!